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Aidan Minkevicius 

Allan was terrific. I left him with two amps as to which he was able to repair both. One of the amps was an early 1980's Luxman that is no longer supported. He contacted the manufacturer locally and overseas to get the job completed. My other amp was a Line6 Spider IV that continued to drop out whilst playing. Allan fixed this in a very short period of time and I was back in action. To complete the service, Allan dropped the amps off at home. Would recommend him to anybody for great service with a terrific price.

Charlie Bedford (

Fender Hotrod Deluxe III
Thanks Allan! It sounds brilliant mate. I found you through a Google search "Amp Repairs Ballarat" and you popped up. I looked around a bunch and was actually going to get my old local store in Melbourne to fix it but it was crazy driving back and forth. Your website looked great so I gave you a buzz!. Thanks again for your speedy and thorough service! Cheers Charlie!


Brands We Repair

  • Ampeg
  • Boss
  • Fender
  • Fishman
  • JBL
  • Marshall
  • Orange
  • Revox
  • Roland
  • Studer
  • Tannoy
  • Tascam
  • Tandberg
  • VOX
  • Yamaha Pro Audio
  • Yorkville

About Amps'n'Stuff

  • Member of The Electronic Technicians Institute of Australia
  • Member of Electronic Technicians Association International
  • Authorised Fender Repairer (but fix other brands too!)
  • Authorised Yamaha Music Service Agent

Safety First


Many of you are aware that there are high voltages inside many pieces of electrical equipment. Some of you will even attempt to repair them yourself, that is your choice, but just remember that any audio amplifiers which utilise vacuum tube technologies can have potentials exceeding 400VDC. It may not sound that high but people have been killed by voltages as low as 32VDC.

All it takes is the right combination of skin resistance and voltage to kill

Besides the potential (no pun intended) of electric shock, there is also the possibility of making matters worse by attempting to make the repairs yourself. If you don't know what you are doing how do you know what to look for? Circuit boards are made up of lots of thin copper tracks which carry voltages and signals around the board to make the device operate. If you happen to create a shorted connection between two tracks when attempting to find out what's wrong, you could cause irreparable damage to the circuit board and components, making a simple repair an extremely costly one. 

Like many other trades, electronic technicians spend a minimum of 4 years learning their trade and then spend many years improving their diagnostic skills by repairing all sorts of equipment. It is not the sort of thing you can learn by reading an "Electronics for Dummies" book and become an expert overnight.

Please leave the repairs to those with the experience and training, the last thing we what to hear is about another DIYer found dead in their shed and the burning carcass of a faulty appliance in the corner.

Recent Projects

VOX Night Train 15H - This amp had a few problems, the Triode/Pentode changeover switch was broken, and after replacing it and powering it up, the HV supply to the valves was low. It turned out that all the Electrolytic caps had been leaking and had caused a short on the circuit board, resulting in a reduced voltage to the valves. After cleaning the board, replacing the caps and a few other parts, the amp sprunge back into live. Lovely tones from this small all valve, really great sounding amp. 

Lots of noise and valve rattles. After cleaning the pots, fitting new valves and a bias adjustment, sounds asgood as new.

83' Fender Concert

This was a barn find that a regular customer of ours found. Luckily it was in generally good condition other than some dirty controls and noisy valves. It's not the sort of amp that you see that often so it was good to get it up and going again. The customer was very happy with the result. 

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